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Rolling test

The first time prices start from 2,500 HUF, if you want to try the workout.
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Infratrainer combines the helpful effects of PHILIPS VITAE infra line source and a magnetic therapy machine for maximum performance. During workout the infra beams exerts its effects under the skin with heating up and dissolving the adipose tissue from inside and also dissolving the accumulated toxins. After these processes the fat could be easily transformed into energy. Parts of the toxins are exhausting from the human body by sweat the rest leaving as a result of fastened metabolism. The MAGNEVITAL SYSTEM synergically intensifies these positive effects and also supplements the treatment with a vitality increasing magnetic therapy program.

The infralight

The infralight is the most beneficial radiation of the Universe, completely safe for all living organism. It’s about 2-25 micrometres length light wave, which generate heavy perspiration and detoxification while deeply penetrating under the skin where transforms into heat energy. The process has no extreme heat sense like sunbathing for its outcome.


Training is strictly prohibited in the following cases:
  • pregnancy
  • nursing
  • hypertension
  • post-operative condition
  • iflammatory diseases
  • acute infect
  • febricity
  • thrombosis
  • variocose vein